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Time To Get Serious With This Blog

I have neglected both this blog and web site for the past year. I could ramble on with a number of excuses but that would be a waste of time. I am going to try to accompany every video with a blog entry in addition to other articles on saw milling etc. This site also needs a lot of updating, I don't think I have done any major updates to it in over 2 years. During this down time over the next few weeks while I wait for my new Sawmill to be ready I should have some free time to get this site back up to speed. The new sawmill will be here hopefully in about 3 to 4 weeks unless they run into any production delays. With this post covid world parts are getting harder to produce and ascertain for manufacturing of all kinds not just sawmills. I have been asked a lot on what the new sawmill is going to be but that will have to wait until I gets here. In my next blog post I will give out a few more clues on the new sawmill for those that are interested.

For those that are subscribed to this blog I appreciate your time and interest. More to come, lots more.



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