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After a few attempts at using ETSY as our platform for selling lumber online I have decided to move all products back to my home web site. Etsy started going up on their fees and I have recently found a cheaper way to ship slabs that I hope will save my customers money. So having said that I just moved all items back to my web site and added a few more. If you go to my site you will find the new online store on the top tool bar. I also advise you to check it out via pc rather than phone. The mobile version works but I am still working on right now.

Appreciate your support and go buy a slab!



Our Online wood store lunched today, Due to the hassle of sales tax and shipping we have decided to use ETSY as the host for our store. They currently offer the cheapest shipping prices for buyers. Link below if interested. also we will be adding more items later this week.


By Popular demand here is the hydraulic clamp tool that I use in my videos to attach hydraulic couplers when they give me issues. Its not cheap but the first time you use it you will be glad you had it. I got mine on eBay but he is now offering them on Amazon, I am buying a second one to put in the new tractor. Amazon Link below to get yours:

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