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Spray Foam for the Wood Shop

When we bought the farm last fall the building that would house the mill had a metal roof and was open on the end and partially on the side. Other than cleaning out the area the biggest problem I had was the insulation. The building had this paper thin insulation that was tore in most places and falling off every time I tried to repair it. I made the call last month to get closed cell spray foam installed. The contractor showed up last week and did the whole building in one day. The building is 20x70, 20x30 is the wood shop and the rest 20x40 is the sawmill part. They sprayed 1 1/2 thick closed cell and got the job done in about 6 hours. The biggest difference so far is the building is now a lot cooler and in the morning I have no more condensation dripping down on the LT40. Very happy with this decision and would encourage anyone with a condensation issue that this will help your problem. I also had a few small leaky/drips in the ceiling around screw head that attached the metal to the trusses. This also fixed that problem also. The cost was $2500.00 and they also did the gable ends also. I have two barns to build here in the future and both will get this same treatment. Here is the video showing some of the process. You may have to copy and paste the link.

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