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This will be a quick post on the blog directed toward any fellow tractor or equipment operators out there that follow my work. After setting in a crate for the past few months next week I plan on finally installing the grapple on the tractor. I have already purchased all the necessary hydraulic couplers and plan on measuring for my hoses this week. The grapple will be powered by the rear remotes on the tractor so I anticipate two hoses around 12ft long.

Now on the the advice I am looking for with this post. The couplers on both the tractor and grapple are 1/2in. What size hydraulic hose should I get to power the attachment? I am thinking maybe 3/8 but some say on forums to get 1/2 and other say 1/4 is more than enough. So I would appreciate any similar experiences that you all might have with running attachments on a farm tractor similar to a grapple. You can post your response in the box below which works just like You-Tube comments. Thanks in advance and I appreciate the comments/email from my previous post. I am about out of the woods with this back episode and hope to be back to being productive by tomorrow.

Thanks again,

On yeah, the photo below is of the grapple in question, and is it 72in in length in case that spec is needed for your hose diameter suggestion.

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