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Buying Logs/Timber

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The Walnut that I am harvesting this coming Monday showed to be around 36in DBH. Now I anticipate that number to go up actually once the timber is on the ground. I have found that when measuring timber at breast height that the actual figure usually increases once I take a measurement after bucking the log. I hope the log comes in at around 38 to 40 inches. There should be about 5 saw logs out of that tree with the top one having a nice crotch.

Now on to how much I paid for that tree. I rarely buy timber, most is given to me. This was actually the first time in about 3 years that I bought a tree. This tree is on an adjoining farm that was featured in a video earlier this week showing me harvest several Walnut logs. I noticed the Timber as soon as I arrived to get the other logs. The tree stands in a fence line and is at the back of a pasture field. I offered the land owner $200 for this tree in which they accepted. Now you might think I got off cheap, but this tree is still standing and could be a big loss when I get it on the ground. For one it is in a fence line so the first cut will without a doubt contain metal. And there is a good chance that in a big Walnut like this for rotting/defects in the logs. So I am taking a chance here with this tree but I hope it will pay off for me very well. Metal I can deal with but rot/hollow logs I can not. I also agreed to clean up the top of this tree which also had to be considered when negotiation the terms of the deal. If this tree was in the middle of a forest/ or already harvested (bucked into logs) and graded then I would have offered a higher amount for the tree. I am betting that this is going to be an amazing one of a kind Walnut tree, I just hope the cards play out in my favor.

Monday they are calling for good weather so I should be able to get the tree on the ground and bucked into logs by lunch time. The land owner is out of town next week so I will not have the luxury of a tractor on site for moving/loading the logs.

The ATV and log arch will be traveling with me and I should be able to load at-least two of those logs on my trailer. If times allows they will be taken over to the sawmill and we will commence to hopefully have Christmas in August!


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