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New T Shirts

For those of you that read my blog you are getting the first look at our new T Shirt design. Tomorrow I will be posting a video about another shirt order but you can go to the web site now and order yours. Just like last time I am going to offer the shirts for one week then close down the sale. I will then place the order and shirts will ship two weeks after that date. That is the only way I can order the right sizes for people and not be stuck with a huge inventory. The prices are 25$ with shipping with an 2$ increase if you order XXXL. The shirt manufacturer went up on the prices for that size.

I am offering my original T shirt design in gray and now with a color option of green which I think looks really nice.

I have a new T shirt design this time also which also has a front pocket. This design will have two color options, sand and navy blue.

The dotted line on the back of the shirt will not be on the actual shirt. That is a

design photo from the manufacturer.

Head on over to my online store to order yours. The proceeds of the sales from this order will go directly back into the sawmill business. Thank you for your support.


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