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The Timber Frame Design

The Timber Frame plans are slowly coming together here at the sawmill. I should have the Wood-Mizer back at home next week just in time to start milling the components. The mill is currently at my friend's farm and will remain there until I finish up a few more Walnut logs. I have 12 more Black Walnut logs to mill at the farm before I am done there until this fall. That should finish up all the timber I currently have on the ground. Once the saw is back home I will begin sawing up all the Timber Frame material. My plans for the building are just about complete and I will share it here as soon as the finished dimensions are finalized. James Smith who resided in up state New York (tradesman channel on You-Tube) is assisting me with this process.

I will be using traditional species of timber for the frame in addition to Walnut and Cherry. Some would frown upon this and say that those woods are best suited for furniture etc. I will agree with those critics but the timbers that will be made part of the frame are very small/crooked. Also due to the heart wood being present in every board if milled, these post will make a great addition to the frame. The primary wood for this frame will be Hemlock with some White Oak.

To get an idea of where I am headed with this build check out the link below to a log home video that I can not watch enough.

I am very excited about this build which will also give me my first opportunity to use some great hand tools I have been acquiring over the past few years in anticipation for a build of this nature. The below photo is of my John Neeman Slick. This is a one of a kind tool that took me over a year to ascertain due to their long waiting list. When I speak of John Neeman I am referring to the Northmen Guild which was previously known as the after-mentioned.

More soon on this project as it comes to life.

Link to the Log Home build video:

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