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The New Yankee Workshop

Growing up in the mountains of Tennessee I can remember my first encounter with woodworking. This experience came on a Saturday morning while watching TV on the PBS channel. I remember watching this guy with a beard build beautiful furniture on these wonderful power tools. It seemed like magic how the tools milled his timber from rough stock to finished boards. Norm was his name, he had a unique ascent and dressed like my grandfather. The show was very well put together and always ended where he started with a finished piece. Over the years i watched this show at every opportunity and never grew tired of the reruns.

As I grew older I found myself forgetting the feelings/ideas I had when watching Norm and took other career paths. It wasn't until around 2010 when i was reintroduced into woodworking that I started to watch this program again. As I began my career as a sawyer I found this show aided in my education on timber. Every time Norm spoke of a different species he was working with he would point out helpful information on the timber. Through the viewing of a single

episode you would be entertained, educated and also your sense of the craft and its possibilities elevated.

Until just recently the only way to view the old episodes was either on pirated You-Tube channels or buy the DVD sets through PBS. That has all now changed finally and the show can now be viewed for free! This Old House, which is another great show on PBS that Norms also is a cast member is now hosting the shows episodes on their web site. When you go to their page click on The New Yankee tab on the top of the page to be directed to that content. Their you can view episodes for free. You can also purchase the plans to any past project from the show. Also sometime during the show you will see a short add displayed similar to the You-Tube format. And keep in mind as well that they are adding videos every week to the site so some of the show titles are just the plans and have not yet had the episode added. At the bottom of the post I will add the links to the site.

This is no paid endorsement from PBS or any other affiliate. I just wanted to share what I think is a great free education out their on wood that is now being offered.

It is a dreary rainy Saturday morning here in Tennessee. According to the weather man the rain should stop by Monday which will hopefully result in me being back on the sawmill. Until then I am going to spend this Saturday morning the same way I did as a child growing up, watching a bearded man with a unique way of talking show me how to build heirloom furniture using his tools and common sense.


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