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Rain Delay/New Blades Coming to the Sawmill.

This blog entry comes to you from a rainy day here in the Tennessee mountains. I had planned on a lot of saw-milling this week but the weather has not cooperated. After Mondays sawing video we have been in another torrential down pour. As soon as the weather improves I will be back on the mill. I have a nice White Oak loaded on the Wood-Mizer as soon as I get some good weather. That log is a good candidate for quarter sawing which I will document via video and on this blog. I hope to perform a good presentation on how I not only quarter saw a log, but the things I look for when determining if a log should be sawed in that matter. After that timber is done I will move on to the eight Black Walnut logs waiting behind.

My current and only profile blade I run on my sawmill is the 7 degree Wood-Mizer double hard blades. I have used that blade profile straight out of the gate when I purchased my sawmill in 2011. That blade has been a work horse for me and has always performed well any of the species of woods we have here in Tennessee. I have recently became interested in the Turbo 7 blade that WM is now offering. This blade is advertised with very good abilities which might out perform my current blade. It is touted to be very effective when sawing White Oak which is a species that I come across on my WM weekly. The following text is from WM web site about the blade:

Developed on exotic hardwoods in South America, the Wood-Mizer Turbo 7 blade’s unique, aggressive profile has established itself in the industry for sawing white oak, hickory, ash, hard maple and more. With increased air flow and higher tooth penetration while sawing hardwoods, the Turbo 7 degree profile is tried, tested, and proven by high production, high horsepower, and high feed rate saw-milling operations throughout the world.Available in SilverTip, DoubleHard, and BiMetal material, Turbo 7 blades provide maximum run time and cut quality no matter what species is being sawn.

The Turbo blades should arrive today. I will use the blades as soon as I am back to sawing on the White Oak and Walnut. I purchased five of these to try out which should make for a good comparison to what I am using now. This will also probably result in a comparison video in future content both on the blog and my You-Tube channel.

Look for more blog entries in the future as I am going to attempt to increase my output of content on both You-Tube,Instagram and here. Also if you are on Instagram give me a follow on there. I am using their story feature on that platform which I have been getting good feedback on so far.


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