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Get Your Chainsaw Sharp!

About a week ago Wranglerstar, a popular homesteading You-Tube channel posted a review of the Stihl 2 and 1 Chainsaw Sharpener. After watching the video I was very intrigued by the tool. Cody seemed to be very happy about the tool and recommended it. I am always looking for a better way to sharpen my chainsaw. Sharpening my saw is something I have always struggled with since the first time I picked one up. I have tried hand filing, grinding and a small dremel tool that attaches to the bar with mixed results. So going into this my expectations were moderate with the hopes of finally having the right tool to get the chain factory sharp.

I got my Stihl 2 and 1 Sharpener at my local dealer. It was the only one on the shelf and was covered in dust. I thought the tool was a little on the expensive side as it set me back $50 and some change. Ironically the tool was displayed below the sign that read "Chain Sharpening $8.00." Judging by the dust on the tool packaging and the sign above it my encouragement started to linger on the purchase. Still yet I purchased the tool and rushed home to give it a try.

I bypassed reading the instructions and began sharpening the chain based on the methods described by Cody in his video. Before sharpening the chain was in poor condition. The chain was dull and had gotten into some dirt the last time I used it. The tool was easy to use and seemed to feel like a natural fit on top of the bar. I performed the same number of strokes and had no trouble guiding the file across the tooth. Upon inspection of the first tooth sharpened I noticed a nice sharp edge and the depth gauge had been flattened perfectly to match the tooth.

After sharpening all the teeth I filled up the saw with gas and topped off the bar oil. I have a small pile of seasoned ash firewood that I picked out as a good test for the sharpness of the chain. I knew the chain appeared to be sharp but in the past I have had sharp chains that lacked in performance over all. I was hoping to achieve the sharpness I felt when using a new chain for the first time. It's hard to explain without ever experiencing the feel of a factory sharpened Stihl chain. It cuts through even the hardest of timber with ease.

As you can see from my video the chain performed nicely. It went through the Ash timber with very little effort. This chain gave me the feeling of a new factory sharpened chain that I had been been trying to achieve for years. A good way to tell if your saw is sharp is by the chips it is producing. You do not want fine dust in your waste from sawing, instead large chips are the sign of a properly sharpened saw.

Even-though this was my first time using this tool I can foresee by the results that it will be my primary tool for sharpening in the future. All the jigs,grinders etc that I had purchased in the past will now be like this tool was when I found it, covered in dust.

Thanks for reading this blog and if you haven't already go on over to You-Tube and watch the video that goes in concert with this blog.

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