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This Week, Do The Work!

Before reading this blog please do me a favor. Share this post by using the Facebook icon below. You can also just copy and past the url of this page and share it that way. This is my coming out party in the blogging world and this will help awareness.

This should be a good productive week. The weather looks good and the work on hand is more than enough to keep me busy. I hope this week to recover the last of the hemlock logs that I started on last week. Due to weather and family obligations I have only been able to bring back eleven logs thus far. There is probably at least 20 more that are good saw logs and a few more that are optional.

I hope to have them on the sawmill this week and make them into 6x6 and 8x8. I prefer the larger size but some due to straightness some might not make the cut. The timbers will be used in my structure to cover the concrete pad that is also the location of the Kiln. I am thinking of making this structure two stories tall. The bottom level will be for the kiln and a milling operation. I hope to get a larger planer and joiner for surfacing lumber when it comes out of the kiln if needed. The second tier will be for air drying large/thick slabs that I need to forget about in order for them to dry. An example would be 12/4 stock intended for mantels etc.

I will take the camera and video the sawing of the Hemlock since it is a wood I have never filmed before on the mill. I am also considering doing an old Japanese method called yakisugi on the timbers for the build. Here is a link to a video of a great channel I follow that shows this process. Hemlock does great in the elements but this will make it last a little longer I think, and the appearance is worth the effort.

This is the link to the after-mentioned YouTube channel. If the link fails then just go over to YT and search for Mr. Chickadee. He reminds me of Roy Underhill in mime form.

Once again I appreciate the support on here and this gives me a reason to start writing again; a hobby I had back in college that has slipped away from me during my adult years.

Have a great week.

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