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My eyes opened at the usual time. Just a few minutes before my alarm clock would go off as usual. If you train your body right and fall in a routine, everything works like clock work. After loading up the coffee filter with what most would consider a strong brew I began my morning rituals. Personal hygiene, feed the cats and more importantly check the local forecast. I was never the first in line to get the latest gadget or excited about the technological progress of the 21st century but the simple tap on my phone that revealed the days weather sure was helpful, especially for someone like myself that spends the day outside. I heard the coffee maker beep which was my signal to report to the kitchen to pour a fresh cup and use the rest to fill up my Stanley thermos. Ahhhh hot coffee, or as my grandfather would call it “offee.” It has always set the tone for the day for a guy like me, nothing compared to that first sip. If the day’s work would be cutting timber in not so ideal conditions that first cup would magically make it seem like a good idea. The last thing to do before putting on my boots was to don my leather suspenders. Custom made from a craftsman in Ohio I had two pairs of these on hand at all times. They fastened to your jeans with a spring clip so you could still wear a belt which I did. It might look like overkill with a man wearing suspenders and a belt together which are traditionally designed to aid in keeping your pants up. I had a different strategy with my daily attire, the suspenders are used for that matter but the belt I used for anchoring my knife sheath, measuring tape holster and a leatherman. Everything I wore had a unique purpose with fashion never crossing my mind. I grabbed my other every day carry items, flashlight, pocket knife and handkerchief made my way to the front porch to put on my boots.



Just a quick note we just launched 3 new T shirts on our merchandise site over on Farm Focused. There is a link below to the get yours today. I appreciate your support.


I have neglected both this blog and web site for the past year. I could ramble on with a number of excuses but that would be a waste of time. I am going to try to accompany every video with a blog entry in addition to other articles on saw milling etc. This site also needs a lot of updating, I don't think I have done any major updates to it in over 2 years. During this down time over the next few weeks while I wait for my new Sawmill to be ready I should have some free time to get this site back up to speed. The new sawmill will be here hopefully in about 3 to 4 weeks unless they run into any production delays. With this post covid world parts are getting harder to produce and ascertain for manufacturing of all kinds not just sawmills. I have been asked a lot on what the new sawmill is going to be but that will have to wait until I gets here. In my next blog post I will give out a few more clues on the new sawmill for those that are interested.

For those that are subscribed to this blog I appreciate your time and interest. More to come, lots more.


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