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In my last video over the weekend I vowed to post a video everyday this week. Not that I am here to make excuses but sometimes life happens and plans change. Starting on Sunday I had a relapse of an old injury that I battled for years in my former profession. This was the first onslaught of this old affliction that I have experienced in about three years. The injury being an old back problem that actually has plagued me since I was about 18 years old. Driving a patrol car and wearing a duty belt with more gadgets than Batman had didn't help the condition over the years either. None the less about three years ago maybe longer my wife got me an orthopedic pillow for my car that almost cured me over night. Now this wasn't no miracle drug or an amazing healing of sorts, I still had pain/discomfort everyday but a man with no pain is a man not living in my book. But having said that this past Sunday and still occurring as I type this entry my arch nemesis has returned and I foresee a victory shortly and things will return to normal.

So that is a bit of a private matter but you guys see a big part of my life anyways so I guess putting a few more cards on the table is fitting to our relationship.

Tomorrow should be a cold day here in TN and the sawmill sometimes gives me a fit when running it in temperatures in the teens. However Thursday looks like some warmer weather and will give me one more day to get back on my feet.

The closing photo below has no direct correlation with the post but is probably on most of our minds right now living in the states as we get through another long cold week of winter.

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